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Donations are our life line here at Hope Matters Breast Cancer Foundation; it helps us provide critical health services to those under insured or not insurance at all. General breast exams check-ups can include a mammogram, MRI, or even an ultra sound. Even with proper insurance the cost from check up to diagnoses can increase dramatically, but those without insurance are in greater need.


How to Donate

It is simple to donate simply click on the Donate Button located on the bottom right of this page. It will direct you to our PayPal account and enter an amount, fill out your information and click submit.

We also accept mailed in donations with a check or money order. Please mail your donations to Hope Matters Breast Cancer Foundation, 1704 N. Lone Ridge Pl Tucson, AZ 85745.

All major credit cards are accepted or pay with your Pay Pal account.



How Contributions help

• So far we have provided over 130 free mammograms since 2011 $100.00
usually covers the most mammogram exams. Average cost for mammograms for the uninsured range from $80.00-$120.00. Additional testing is sometimes needed.
• Hope Matters uses donations to provide financial support to a cancer patient such as funding surgery expenses, MRI exams for uninsured, even providing 2 months’ rent for a breast cancer patient
• Some of our funds raised go toward other organizations such as the Arizona Oncology Resource Center, University Medical Center breast cancer seminar, University Cancer Center for Breast Cancer Conference
• We have even used our funds to provide scholarships for Pima Community College and Maricopa Community College for breast cancer patients, survivors or their children
Money is not the only thing that Matters Volunteers are always welcomed! Especially at our events, just this past June 21 we had over 20 volunteers for the Javi’s Open Golf Tournament. Volunteers are our lifeline, our blood running through our organizations heart. Without your support it
would be much too difficult for just two people to manage our great events in the past
and those coming up. Go to our Events page and checkout our next dates, then contact us for volunteer work, if we have room for you we will gladly accept your support.

Thank you for your donation. Your support helps bring Hope to those in need